Sui Generis Madrid

Sui Generis Madrid (SGM) is a multidisciplinary festival of alternative culture , natural result of the evolution of the Madrid Gothic Week en in its tenth anniversary. We remain faithful to the original spirit but expand the spectrum of action and cultural dissemination to explore new approaches and stimuli. The SGM hosts a greater number of literary genres, musical styles and artistic manifestations, awakening interest and curiosity in all types of audiences. Our programming is more complete and heterogeneous than ever and, as always, offers quality cultural contents and provides spaces for debate on issues that we are passionate about that generate unprecedented perspectives.

The main thematic axis of our festival has been, is and will be literature, at the same time container and content of other disciplines. Starting from this symbiosis between arts, Sui Generis Madrid offers a different perspective, promoting reading through film, science, fashion, music and the plastic and performing arts.

The latin expression sui generis (literally, «of its own kind or species»), gives its name to our festival and defines it as it is: original and unusual, unique in the cultural sphere. This has been the case since the Besarilia Cultural Association decided to create this event to promote reading in 2008, based initially on research and dissemination of the urban Gothic subculture. An intense and disinterested work of ten years, endorsed and recognized by the public, critics and institutions. The adventure for love of the art of a visionary, which begins in the Plaza de Felipe II and takes us today to the Castle of Manzanares el Real, supported from the beginning by the General Subdirectorate of the Book of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.


Sui Generis Madrid

The Egyptian mythology, full of symbols related to the magical, the transcendental and the occult, is our source of inspiration. The search for light in darkness(lumen in tenebris) is a fundamental key to understanding that ancestral culture and the motivations that drive us. The alternative realities, the creativity, the introspective journey, the expressive desire, the taste for art and the exploration of the unknown are timeless nexuses that converge in our festival and its image.

The logo-symbol of Sui Generis Madrid combines two powerful icons linked to hermeticism and alchemy, whose origins go back to Ancient Egypt: the Anj («the key of life») and the Ouroboros («everything is one»), representing the aforementioned interaction of disciplines that our festival uses as a tool to spread culture, an essential element to achieve vital fullness

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