SGM Literature

Literature supports the alternative culture festival Sui Generis Madrid. The motif figure of the femme fatale will be one of the SGM tenth edition main themes. It will begin with the VII Congress on art, literature and urban gothic culture rom October 3 to 5 at the Complutense University of Madrid, dedicated to these seductive women surrounded by mystery, whose charms trap their lovers leading them to dangerous and even deadly situations. This will be the central theme of our academic event and will also be present at the round tables of our literature meetings.

We will have talks, lectures and an exhibition about Frankenstein, to commemorate the 200 aaniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel , and we will tackle the evolution and contemporary vision of the monster in literature, both in the Gothic and terror genres as well as in the black novel and related genres.

The literary production of occultist authors is wide, especially in the fields of the Gothic and the Fantastic. The links between occultism and literature are undeniable, from its beginnings to our days, through its romantic expression in the nineteenth century. The relationship between both phenomena will be another of the main themes of the area of literature during the SGM this year.

As in previous editions, talks, lectures, round tables and book presentations of SGM Literature will take place in different places of the city of Madrid: Museum of Romanticism, FNAC, Ámbito Cultural, Generación X, Estudio en Escarlata, Complutense University, etc. There will also be activities and literature events in the castle of Manzanares el Real during the SGM Fest.


SGM Literature

SGM Literature

SGM Literature

SGM Literature

SGM Literature

Wenesday 03.10.2018 a viernes 05.10.2018

VII Congress on art, literature and urban gothic subculture. See full program at Besarilia Cultural Association´s site.



Tuesday 09.10.2018

From 19:00 to 19:30. Presentation of the magazine Herejía y Belleza by Pedro Ortega Ventureira.

From 19:30 to 20:45 . “The femme fatal in comic (from Spirit to Blacksad and Gotham Central)”. Round table with Elisa McCausland and Fernando Ángel Moreno.


Free access.

Wednesday 10.10.2018

From 19:00 to 19:30 . Release of the anthology Gritos Sucios (Ediciones Vernacci) and talk about splatterpunk with David Hidalgo Ramos y José Ángel Conde.

De 19:30 a 20:00 horas. Release of the anthology Diodati, la cuna del monstruo with the writer Francisco Javier Guerrero, editorial coordinator (Editorial Adeshoras).

From 20:00 to 20:30. Release of the book El Diablo en Casa: el Expediente Vallecas by Alberto Ávila Salazar (VK Libros).

From 20:30 to 21:00. Talk about youth fantasy literature and release of the book Dulces, Espadas y Dragones by Enrique Dueñas (Apache Libros), with the author and the editor José Luis del Río Fortich.

Place: Estudio en Escarlata. C/ de Guzmán el Bueno, 46 – 28015 Madrid.

Free access.

More information coming soon.

Thursday 11.10.2018

Colloquium on Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, on the bicentennial of the publication.

19:00. Round table: Frankenstein in the light of contemporary modern thought. Moderator: Cristina Oñoro (Theory of Literature professor at UCM). Participants: Ana Carrasco Conde (professor of Philosophy at UCM) and Fernando Ángel Moreno (Theory of Literature professor at UCM).

19:45. Round table: Monsters and angels of home: the own room of Mary Shelley and Jane Austen. Moderator: Cristina Oñoro (Theory of Literature professor at UCM). Participants: José C. Valés (writer and translator of Mary Shelley and Jane Austen) and Julia García Felipe (Graduated in General and Comparative Literature from the UCM, specialist in Jane Austen).

20:30. Julia Piera poetry recital. Poet, author of Conversations with Mary Shelley, Icaria, 2006.

Place: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ROMANTICISM. Access by c/ Beneficencia, 14 – 28004 Madrid.

Free access.

More information soon.

Saturday 13.10.2018

16:00. Round table: “All of you monsters: the monsters in popular culture (films, literature and television).” with Pedro Angosto and Andrés Peláez.

19:00. Round table: “Literature and occultist films” with Grace Morales and Carlos Maroto Pla.

Place: Forum FNAC Callao. C/ Preciados, 28 – 28013 Madrid.

Free access.

Monday 15.10.2018

19:00. “The metaphor of the inner monster: From Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to Hannibal Lecter: a legal, criminological and psychological approach”. Round table with the criminalist Juan Enrique Soto, the psychologist Luis Muiño and the lawyer and writer Alberto Ávila Salazar.

20:00. “Great occultist authors and literary works on occultism”. Round table with the writers Gervasio Posadas, Daniel P. Espinosa and Oscar Mariscal.

Place: Sala Ámbito Cultural at El Corte Inglés Callao. C/ Preciados, 3 – 28013 Madrid.

Free access.

Wednesday 17.10.2018

19:00. «Buffy in the days of Tinder: how to survive Dracula without dying in the attempt.An approach to the evolution of the figure of the seductive monster and its female victims turned into heroines.» Round table with the writer Manuel Riquelme and the film specialist Beatriz Obeso. (Editorial Amor de Madre).

20:00. “Starry speculative corpse: the pessimistic thinking of Eugene Thacker”. Round table with the writers Alberto Ávila Salazar and David Bizarro.

Place: Ámbito Cultural hall al El Corte Inglés Callao. C/ Preciados, 3 – 28013 Madrid.

Free access.

More information coming soon.

Sunday 21.10.2018

16:00. “Mad Doctors: When science goes mad”, talk with the writer César Mallorquí.

17:00: “Frankenstein Resuturado” book release by the writer Fernando Marías with reading stories and the participation of the writers Valeria Correa Fiz and Lorenzo Luengo, who will read the texts they wrote for the book.

Place: Maea hall. Manzanares el Real Castle.

Free access with the Castle’s ticket (price: 4 euros/day at the box office).

See full SGM Fest program.