SGM Moda

SGM Fashion (formerly Platform G) is the Sui Generis Madrid Festival fashion show. A space in which designers of different styles present works with marked influences of literature, art, cinema and music, inspired by the 50s, the Japanese anime, the Victorian era, science fiction, Steampunk, Gothic or Celtic tradition, among other sources, and even merging them.

SGM Fashion has witnessed the birth and growth of these artists over the years. On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, eleven of them will give the most representative pieces with which they have participated in previous editions to be part of the monographic exhibition «Ten years of Madrid Gothic Week» (now Sui Generis Madrid), which will take place at the Joaquín Leguina Madrid Regional Library and will be open to the public from October 16 to November 2, 2018.


Evilshara, Indrolita, Jacq the Rimmel, Miss Selfdestructive, Sublime and Susana Ribeiro.


SGM Moda

Tuesday 16.10.2018 to Friday 02.11.2018

19:00. Opening of the monographic exhibition «Ten years of Madrid Gothic Week» (now Sui Generis Madrid). A visual tour through the history of our festival through promotional graphic pieces, works of plastic and digital artists, photographs and the costumes of the invited designers.

Location: Joaquín Leguina Madrid Regional Library. C/ de Ramírez de Prado, 3 – 28045 Madrid.

Free access.