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ALCHEMY: Philosophy and Protoscience in the Hermetic Tradition.

In this new edition of SGM Science we will discover the mysteries of the Hermetic Tradition of the hand of Gonzalo Rodríguez, Doctor in History (Toledo Mágico, La Forja y la Espada),and Jacqueline Pingarrón, graduate in Geophysics, who will introduce us to a past of magic and science from which settled the foundations of Chemistry, Astronomy, Pharmacy and Modern Medicine.

Mysticism and the search for spiritual purity through chemical methods, the transmutation of metals into gold, the search for the Philosopher’s Stone to achieve knowledge and transcendence, and the alchemical symbolism as a method to explain and dominate nature, will be the central themes of this two voices talk in which Dr. Gonzalo Rodríguez will address the traditional and historical aspects of alchemy and our coordinator of SGM Science, Jacqueiline Pingarrón, will take charge of the scientific aspects of it, and its evolution in contemporary Chemistry.

«The great merit of magic and alchemy, its daughter, was to postulate the unity of matter, to such an extent that some philosophers of the alembic believed to be able to assimilate it to light and lightning.» Opus Nigrum (1968), Marguerite Yourcenar.


SGM Science

SGM Science

SGM Science

Saturday 06.10.2018

12:00. “Alchemy: Philosophy and Protoscience in the Hermetic Tradition”. . Round table with Gonzalo Rodríguez, Doctor in History, and Jacqueline Pingarrón, Graduate in Geophysics.

Location: National Museum of Natural Science. C/ José Gutiérrez Abascal, 2 – 28006 Madrid.

Precio: Free access with the museum´s ticket(*).

(*) General rate: 7 euros | Reduced (unemployed people, students and kids from 4 to 16 years): 3.50 euros. You must request the ticket for this event when you get the Museum entrance ticket at the box office. If you have purchased your event ticket online, you must pick it up at the MNCN’s information point. The tickets for the round table will be handed out on a first come, first served basis, until seating capacity is reached.